How to claim a ticket for an event

Before you claim tickets using tokenproof, we recommend you have the following:

  1. Go to the link provided by the event organizer to claim tickets. Make sure to only use official links and double-check every link.


  1. The event page will include event details, ticketing details, ticket availability, and ticketing options.


  1. Click Get tickets to proceed to claim a ticket. At this point, users need to be enrolled with tokenproof and have their app ready to scan the QR Code when prompted. Note: If you run into issues, you can also scan using your phone’s native camera.


  1. When claiming tickets, various ticket options may be available depending on the event. Such preferences may include ticket type, day, and party size.

Some ticket options may not be available based on supply and/or eligibility criteria set by the event organizer.


  1. Once ticket preferences have been selected, tickets may be claimed by clicking Claim Tickets followed by a confirmation.

Visualize tickets within the tokenproof app:

Tickets within your tokenproof app are different from your tokenproof-linked wallets. These tickets will show up under the “events” tab in the app.

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