Before you start your enrollment with tokenproof, please have the following ready:

NOTE: Using the browser in your mobile wallet may lead to a better experience.

  1. Go to using your mobile browser, and tap on the Launch App button on the top right corner.

enrooll scan.png

  1. Tap on the Connect Wallet button and proceed to connect your wallet by selecting WalletConnect or Coinbase Wallet. Please follow the steps to initiate the wallet connection.

Group 1748.png

  1. After connecting your wallet, click on Sign Up

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  1. You will be prompted to sign a one-time message.


Signing a message is required to prove that you’re in control of the wallet you are enrolling. Signing is safe and gas-less. It does not in any way give tokenproof permission to perform any transactions on your behalf.

NOTE: If you are using WalletConnect, the signature request will appear on the wallet app used to connect. Be sure to confirm the signature before going any further.